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Making Connections: The Partnership Newsletter

The National Center on Early Head Start-Child Care Partnerships (The Partnership Center) is pleased to present Making Connections: The Partnership Newsletter. Each quarterly issue focuses on a key aspect of successful Early Head Start-Child Care (EHS-CC) Partnerships. It also features a partnership team experiencing early successes in that area.

Issue 3: Professional Development
This edition focuses on the important topic of professional development for the infant/toddler teaching and caregiving workforce.

Issue 2: Alignment of Standards
Topics in this issue include a success story about aligning and implementing Early Head Start and child care standards by an EHS-CC Partnership grantee, understanding ratios and group sizes in an EHS-CC Partnership, and the new cost estimation tool. Find information to support professional development in family child care to enhance Early Head Start practice, as well as news and resources for EHS-CC Partnership grantees and their partners.

Issue 1: Strengthening Partner Relationships
Topics in this issue include early relationship-building successes experienced by an EHS-CC Partnership grantee and their partners and recommendations for building successful partnerships between EHS and family child care programs. Find tips and tools for developing a partnership agreement, as well as news and resources for EHS-CC Partnership grantees.

Last Updated: July 26, 2018