Local Early Childhood Partnerships

Resources for the Administration of EHS-CC Partnership Programs

Meeting fiscal challenges, and managing, training, and supporting early care and education staff across programs and systems ensures successful partnerships. Resources in this area include information and tools related to:

  • Policies and procedures addressing coordination of resources
  • Making financial decisions
  • Contracts and formal agreements
  • Sustainability
  • Child care subsidies
  • Allocating, monitoring, and reporting on funding
  • Professional development
  • Staff management
  • Human resource policy and legal issues


From finding the eligible families and encouraging them to apply, to ensuring that children receive the valuable services of this program, the resources below help you to navigate rules and recommendations for Eligibility, Recruitment, Selection, Enrollment, and Attendance (ERSEA)


Successful partnerships between early childhood programs include finding ways to layer their separate funding sources so that the total cost of services to children is met.