Mental Health

Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation: An Evaluation Tool Kit

The Evaluation Tool Kit offers data to support the importance of investing in early childhood mental health consultation. Programs may use the resources in this tool kit as a guide in designing and implementing effective mental health services for families.

The purpose of this tool kit is to increase the capacity for high-quality evaluation of early childhood mental health consultation (ECMHC) in community based settings. For states, communities, programs, and grant funded projects that are developing or have developed early childhood mental health consultation programs and want to assess their impact, this tool kit provides guidance, tools, and resources that will assist in designing and implementing program evaluations. For researchers, this tool kit also will help guide their work in research design and evaluation, determining evidence of effective practices, and decision-making related to tools and approaches to partnering with program staff. And for policy makers seeking to encourage strong program evaluations of funded projects, it should provide a template for crafting request for proposals for outside evaluators. Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation: An Evaluation Tool Kit