Mental Health

Getting Started with IT3

Materials Needed

  • Laptop or computer access for each participant
  • Spiraled notebooks, paper, and pen for journaling notes for each participant
  • Printer or printing access on site
  • Copies of the Micah and Ms. Mitchell case study for each participant (optional)

Consultant Preparation

  1. Prior to using the tool with parents and caregivers, you are encouraged to visit the child care center or home to observe staff-child or parent-child interactions. This may be done during socializations or other opportunities, such as a home visit.
  2. Share your observations with parents and caregivers (where applicable) as you move through the tool. "Ms. Johnson, I noticed that you and Latecia both laughed and smiled as you danced to the music together."
  3. Familiarize yourself with the temperament and goodness of fit concepts and vocabulary in order to help caregivers better understand the questions on the IT3 and the recommendations that are automatically generated. Practice completing the tool a few times.
  4. Allow enough time in your session or home visit for participants to complete the IT3, reflect, and come up with a plan for supporting a child's temperament. It should take approximately 30-45 minutes to complete the IT3 for one child and to discuss specific goodness of fit strategies with caregivers or parents.

Facilitating Use of the Tool in a Group Setting or During a Home Visit