Mental Health

Head Start Programs Support Families in Recovery

Head Start staff have a unique window into the circumstances and needs of families. They may be the first to identify issues that signal a substance use disorder in families. It can be difficult to navigate these complex situations. Head Start staff can support recovery by taking advantage of opportunities to engage with families and provide resources to prevent harm to children.

Caring for Young Children Impacted by Substance Use

When parents or caregivers misuse substances, children are impacted. Staff, parents, and other caregivers can support and encourage resilience in children.

Fostering Healing Through Trauma-Informed Practices

There is a strong link between exposure to traumatic events and substance use disorders. Many people who have experienced traumatic events use alcohol or drugs to help them deal with pain, feelings, and symptoms associated with trauma. Head Start programs can adopt trauma-informed practices and help reduce the impact of substance use on children and families.

Partnering with Head Start Programs to Support Families in Your Community

The entire community benefits when children and families are offered high-quality early education and comprehensive services. The Head Start Health Services Advisory Committee (HSAC), mental health consultation, and partnership with the child's medical home can help ensure children and families receive high-quality comprehensive community services.