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Mindful Moments: Flexibility Leads to Excellent Mobility (Flex-M)

Flexibility is key for ensuring safe movement, keeping muscles healthy, and staying active. Flex-M stands for: Flexibility Leads to Excellent Mobility. Use these Flex-M techniques to help you to keep moving and reduce risk of injury. Explore this compilation of short videos to find six different Flex-M stretches including: Beachballs, Cat Cow Curl, Climb the Ladder, Searching Eagles, Squishing Oranges, and Turning Doorknobs. Use these stretches in team meetings, during your break, at your desk, or in your classroom. 


All FlexM

All FlexM

This short video provides a compilation of six different standing stretches. Use these stretches in team meetings, or during a break at your desk or in your classroom.

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Last Updated: November 22, 2019