Mental Health

Strategies for Supporting Self-Regulation: Snapshot Series

Parents, teachers, coaches, and other adult mentors play a key role in shaping and supporting children's ability to self-regulate through an interactive process called "co-regulation."

The home environment, including a child's relationship with parents and primary caregivers, is the biggest influence on a child's ability to develop self-regulation skills. Home visitors have a unique opportunity to help both the child and parent or caregiver develop self-regulation skills and to help strengthen their relationship.

These tip sheets are based on a series of reports on Self-Regulation and Toxic Stress prepared for the Administration for Children and Families (ACF). They offer:

  • A review of key concepts related to self-regulation
  • A list of the skills developing in each age group
  • Six co-regulation tips for caregivers to support specific self-regulation skills developing at each stage