Breaking Through: Understanding Toxic Stress

View this 20-minute educational video to learn how toxic stress can impact a child’s lifelong health and well-being. Also, find out how Head Start programs and health care professionals can support children and families to help prevent toxic stress. The user-friendly guide shows how best to use this resource. It also includes a breakdown of the video segments by topic area.

Understanding Toxic Stress and Resilience: Video Series

Ongoing research continues to show us how adversity and toxic stress in early childhood can have a negative impact throughout a person's life. Toxic stress can impact a child's health, behavior, and ability to learn. These two videos appeal to Head Start staff and health care professionals. They are designed to help them understand what toxic stress is, what it does to a person, and easy things to do to help prevent it.

Topic:Mental Health

Keywords:Stress, resilience and traumaSocial emotional development

Resource Type: Video

National Centers: Early Childhood Health and Wellness

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