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Review the most recent Information Memoranda (IMs), Policy Instructions (PIs), Federal Register notices, blogs, and press releases from and related to the Office of Head Start (OHS).

In December’s vlog, Dr. B sends love notes to two Head Start programs. She also gives a gift to each Head Start staff member and offers an easy tip for getting eager volunteers.

Log Number: ACF-PI-HS-18-06

PI 18-06 provides information about the cost of living adjustment (COLA) funds available to grantees in FY 2019 and describes the requirements for applying for these funds. All Head Start and Early Head Start grantees, EHS-CC Partnership and Early Head Start Expansion grantees, and grantees subject to competition for continued funding through the Designation Renewal System are eligible to receive the COLA.

Staff are the most important parts of early childhood education settings. Explore ways to create a positive learning environment for the children with whom you work.

In November’s vlog, Dr. Bergeron shares ideas for planning for the holidays in Head Start. Discover resources that will help programs in supporting children and staff.

Dr. Bergeron sends a love note to a remote Alaskan Head Start program in her latest vlog. She also shares some strategies to get programs on social media and reminds them of a resource already at their disposal.