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Review the most recent Information Memoranda (IMs), Policy Instructions (PIs), Federal Register notices, blogs, and press releases from and related to the Office of Head Start (OHS).

Log Number: ACF-PI-HS-18-02

Review the process used to request Disaster Assistance funds to restore Head Start and Early Head Start services following Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria.

Log Number: ACF-PI-HS-18-01

This PI notifies programs that the Secretary has waived the August 1, 2019 Head Start center-based service duration requirements, effectively lowering this requirement from 50 percent to zero percent.

It has been a year since the revised Head Start Program Performance Standards (HSPPS) were launched. Take a look back at all the work done by Head Start programs and the Office of Head Start OHS in updating policies and practices to implement the HSPPS.

Log Number: ACF-IM-HS-17-02

Review this IM to learn about the OHS disaster recovery efforts after Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Jose, and Maria. OHS removed barriers to make it easier for Head Start agencies to meet the needs of those children and families affected by disasters, especially newly homeless children and families.

Log Number: ACF-PI-HS-17-04

This PI notifies grantees of the requirements for submission of the Federal Financial Report Standard Form (SF)-425 for cash transactions and for expenditures to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Payment Management System.