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Review the most recent Information Memoranda (IMs), Policy Instructions (PIs), Federal Register notices, blogs, and press releases from and related to the Office of Head Start (OHS).

In a special message to Policy Council members, Dr. Bergeron asks programs to serve more families experiencing homelessness. It includes discussion questions for Councils to consider.

Log Number: ACF-IM-HS-19-01

Visit Sesame Street with Dr. Bergeron and get inspired to serve more children experiencing homelessness. Discover resources for families who need a home at Head Start.

In this vlog, Dr. Bergeron and Jennifer Amaya discuss Dual Language Learner Celebration Week, Feb. 19–22, 2019. Learn how to join in on key celebration activities.

In the January vlog, Dr. Bergeron launches the #HomeAtHeadStart campaign. Learn how the campaign challenges Head Start programs to enroll more children and families experiencing homelessness.