Breastfeeding Success: What Dads Can Do

To create a positive breastfeeding experience, fathers are encouraged to learn about breastfeeding and assume responsibility for household chores to help breastfeeding mothers. Staff, pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, and families may use this information on how fathers can support breastfeeding mothers and participate in activities to promote parent-child bonding.

  1. Be a Learner. Learn all you can about breastfeeding before a baby is born. Help the mom remember the things you learned. Remind her that she makes more milk by feeding more often. Discourage the use of water or formula supplements, as this will decrease her milk supply. Check to see if she and the baby are positioned correctly. Help to make her comfortable. Bring her a glass of water or juice as she will be thirsty when breastfeeding.
  2. Be a Cheerleader. Mom may need encouragement at first. Even if things don’t get off to a good start, be optimistic and positive. You’ll be a hero forever. Get help for her if breastfeeding is not going well. Breastfeeding Success: What Dads Can Do