Busy Moms: Breastfeeding Works Around My Schedule

Returning to work or school while continuing to breastfeed can be challenging for new mothers. Breastfeeding mothers and families may receive useful information and strategies from this brochure to help them continue breastfeeding around their busy schedules.

Seek loving support from those around you.

Is breastfeeding on a busy schedule worth it? Just ask the women like you who have made it work. They will tell you not only of the health benefits (fewer upset tummies, allergies, illnesses) but also how close they have felt to their babies, even though they could not always be there. And if they were lucky, they will also tell you about the loving support they received from family and friends. See how breastfeeding can work around your schedule. You will be proud. Busy Moms: Breastfeeding Works Around My Schedule