I Am Moving, I Am Learning (IMIL) Testimonials

I Am Moving, I Am Learning (IMIL) is a proactive approach to address childhood obesity in early education for children, families and staff. IMIL seeks to improve the type, quality, and quantity of physical activity while addressing healthy nutrition options for children and families.

These interactive trainings are a favorite among management staff, teachers, and technical assistance staff. Participants provided these testimonials after attending the IMIL trainings, 2017–2020.

Pittsburgh, PA 2020

  • "I never expected to learn how to integrate math and literacy into moderate to vigorous physical activity. I plan on using patterns of movement in my classroom. As well as pointing out the shapes of scarves, counting corners, and most of all using a peer in movement/physical activity!"
  • "As the director of health/nutrition, this training provided me with ideas to incorporate health and nutrition education into the classroom every day. The training itself also helped me step out of my comfort zone."
  • "To be able to meet Dr. Linda Carson before she retires and tell her how much her work has inspired me to be the best educator I can be for children and families!"
  • "This was an amazing experience for me, as it was my first IMIL training! It taught me so many practices I would have loved to try when I was a classroom teacher. For my role as a mental health and disabilities coordinator, I will be able to use the staff wellness practices to help my staff get motivated to make healthy choices and to cope with their stress."
  • "I learned how to integrate math, literacy, rhythm, creativity, and more into physical activity/movement. I am excited to offer more peer-to-peer/partner activities for my Head Start students as well as leave some open-ended/creativity up to my students. I love getting the kids up and moving, they feel better and I feel better."
  • "Well done National Center on Early Childhood Health and Wellness (NCECHW) and the IMIL team."

Indianapolis, IN 2019

  • "Gave me a deeper understanding of a teacher's role and how important it is that they are knowledgeable in IMIL."
  • "I have 26 years’ experience working with Head Start, and I walked away from this training with so much new knowledge. This training was so powerful to me. I am so glad that attended the training."
  • "It was beneficial to have three members of the team present to help decide what content to present first. Thank you for your enthusiasm and passion for your work; it was very empowering!"
  • "This meeting exceeded my expectations. Being new to Head Start and Early Head Start, I am learning how I can make an impact in children's growth, and this training gave me the motivation to continue and know I can impact a child."
  • "Thoroughly enjoyed the songs, movement/exercises/physical activity, and information that can be shared with my program and staff. Looking forward to training all staff and implementing in our classrooms."

Kansas City, MO 2018

  • "This was the best, most fun and most informative trainings I have ever been too."
  • "Loved how active and hands-on this was. It really embodies the concepts it teaches!"
  • "I commend Dr. Carson for such a well thought out program. The IMIL program takes in consideration the whole Head Start program the way educators are taught to look at the whole child."
  • "Amazing training!!!!! Looking forward to all the knowledge to come back home with me and sending updates on our progress with our IMIL."
  • "The training was VERY FUN!!!! The set up was great. The movement/dance breaks were placed at the right times. I would like all of our program personnel to attend IMIL training."

Boston, MA 2017

  • "Fantastic info, background, and resources. So excited to share with staff and families everything I learned."
  • "Absolutely enjoyed this training. Had ah-ha moments throughout the training."
  • "This is my first IMIL training and I found it to be FUN, educational, and empowering. It will be exciting to implement."

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