Responsive Feeding

Many different adults can impact the way a baby or young child eats. Staff who work with families and young children can help families learn to read their children’s feeding cues. They can also help families learn about age-appropriate foods and serving sizes. This can set up children for a lifetime of healthy eating. Explore this resource to learn how to make responsive feeding a part of families' mealtime routine.

Supporting Healthy Eating at Home

Watch this short video to learn how home visitors can help families make the most of mealtime moments. Discover five strategies, including how to support responsive feeding.

Healthy Home Visiting: Responsive Feeding Podcast

Listen on the go to a podcast (audio-only version) of the five-minute video for home visitors on helping families make the most of mealtime moments.

Responsive Feeding Webinars

View three short webinars on responsive feeding and how home visitors can help families make the most of mealtimes.

Responsive Feeding: What to Know Before You Go

Explore key messages on responsive feeding for home visitors and questions to consider before the home visit.

Responsive Feeding: During the Visit

Discover strategies and talking points for home visitors to support families as they explore and nurture healthy feeding practices.

Responsive Feeding: For Expectant Families

This resource is for new and expectant parents about the importance of responsive feeding and things to consider when feeding a newborn.

Last Updated: August 5, 2019