8 Training and Education of Home Visitors

While there is no specific degree or certification requirement, the Head Start Program Performance Standards (HSPPS) [§ 1306.33(b)] does require that the home visitor have training in content related to:

  • structured child-focused home visiting that promotes parents’ ability to support the child’s cognitive, social and emotional, language and literacy, physical development, and approaches to learning;

  • effective strengths-based parent education, including methods to encourage parents as their child’s first and forever teachers;

  • early childhood development with respect to children from birth through age five;

  • methods to help parents promote emergent literacy in their children from birth through age five, including use of research-based strategies to support the development of literacy and language skills for children with limited proficiency in English;

  • ascertaining what health and developmental services the family receives and working with providers of these services to eliminate gaps in service by offering annual health, vision, hearing, and developmental screening for children from birth to entry into kindergarten, when needed;

  • strategies for helping families coping with crisis; and

  • the relationship of health and well-being of pregnant women to prenatal and early child development.