4.2 Outreach for Recruiting Staff

What Is It?

If you have human resource (HR) staff in your program, they may have primary responsibility for recruiting qualified home visitors. However, you might work with them to facilitate the process. It is likely that your program posts job announcements internally and externally. You might share home visitor vacancies with professional colleagues outside of your organization. Where you place home visitor job announcements will depend on the resources in your community.

One important consideration in recruiting qualified home visitors is how the job announcement is written. To attract relationship-ready staff, make sure the announcement emphasizes the relationship characteristics you seek in an applicant as well as the relationship characteristics in your program.

How To

Consider the following possibilities for where to place job announcements:

  • Locations where qualified parents gather.
  • Community agencies and organizations, especially those with whom you have partnerships.
  • Community colleges, colleges, and universities with health, early childhood, and/or social work programs.
  • Local child care resource and referral agencies.
  • Local cultural groups (e.g., ethnic-based community organizations, refugee resettlement agencies).
  • Local services and businesses that have bulletin boards for posting information (e.g., food stores and markets, drug stores, community centers, places of worship).
  • Classified ads in newspapers.
  • Your organization’s web site.
  • Social media (e.g., your organization’s Facebook page, LinkedIn).
  • Online job/career sites (e.g., Office of Head Start Early Childhood Learning and Knowledge Center (ECLKC) Career Center, and, National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) Career Center.

Write job announcements that focus on relationship characteristics, not just the mechanics of the position. Use words like empathic, supportive, commitment to others, and relate well. Here are two examples that compare less relational and more relational announcements. Compare with your announcements to help you decide if adjustments should be made.

  • Home visitor sought for Early Head Start program – BA in social sciences and Home Visiting CDA required; Two years professional experience with parenting programs or home visiting preferred. Bilingual preferred. Credentials to work in the United States and a criminal background check required. Dynamic, organized individuals with good writing skills should fax résumé to 888-888-8888.

  • Empathic home visitor needed to connect with/support parents of infants and toddlers. Be part of a supportive team and forward-thinking organization. Must relate well to colleagues and families. Relevant education, experience considered. Bilingual preferred, with credentials to work in the US. Criminal background check required. Individuals with strong commitment to others should fax résumé to Joan Manager at 888-888-8888.

Learn More

When faced with a vacant position, most managers want to hire as quickly. This is rarely an effective practice. Program directors and human resources managers may use this resource to enhance their search strategies for hiring and retaining qualified staff. This article outlines each phase of an effective search strategy.