9.5 Scheduling and Protecting Time

What Is It?

Consistency is important to the quality and effectiveness of supervision. Many HS and EHS programs find it hard to maintain schedules of supervision. Other meetings get scheduled, a family needs to change their visit time, or someone is out with illness, a sick child or family member, or an appointment. Unless supervision is a very high priority in a program, it becomes a soft target for canceling or moving around. Doing so creates a message that supervision is not very important.

Weekly supervision may not be possible in everyone’s schedules, so an alternative should be considered. Some programs have group supervision, with individual supervision on a monthly basis. Others have different creative solutions, such as supervision via phone or using technology with video calling. Reflective supervision is critical to the relationship-based work of home visitors, so it is important to determine how it works best for your program.

A related issue for some programs is finding a space that is protected from interruptions and soundproof. Home visitors need to have the supervisor’s full attention as well as feel confident that the conversation is private.