Home Visitor's Handbook

Home Visitor's Handbook

Note: This resource is under revision.

This handbook discusses the effectiveness of home visiting as a service delivery method, outlines the necessary relationship building process with families, and offers home visitors an understanding of the comprehensive services they offer to families. It details how home visitors can get support, and includes frequently asked questions about the home-based program option.

Table of Contents Relevant Standard
Chapter 1: This Handbook
Chapter 2: Introduction
Chapter 3: What Makes Home Visiting so Effective?
Chapter 4: Comprehensive Services of All Head Start Programs
Chapter 5: Elements of the Home-Based Option
Chapter 6: Elements of a Home Visit
Chapter 7: Elements of a Socialization
Chapter 8: Training and Education of Home Visitors
Chapter 9: Roles of a Home Visitor
Chapter 10: School Readiness in the Home-Based Option
Chapter 11: Developing and Maintaining Relationships with Parents
Chapter 12: Working with Children with Disabilities
Chapter 13: Technology Considerations
Chapter 14: Ethical Considerations
Chapter 15: Collecting Data
Chapter 16: Research on Home Visiting

About OpenDoors

This online tool supports home visiting staff and those who support them by presenting regulations, strategies, publications, and resources in a way that’s interactive, flexible, and adaptable to people’s needs. It offers the readerthe opportunity to read, review, rate, save, and organize material that’s engaging, supports understanding, and ultimately contributes to their expertise as home visitors and home visiting supervisors. It has been developed by the Early Head Start National Resource Center, and includes numerous resources produced by other national centers.

Prepared for the Office of Head Start, under contract # HHSP23320100009YC, by the Early Head Start National Resource Center at ZERO TO THREE.