Staff Selection (Hiring Home Visitors) Overview

Staff Selection (Hiring Home Visitors) Overview

Redmond Reams, PhD, licensed psychologist, Oregon Health and Science University Division of Child Psychiatry and Portland State University Graduate Certificate Program in Infant/Toddler Mental Health, and Jennifer Boss, director, National Center on Early Childhood Development, Teaching, and Learning talk about hiring relationship-ready staff.

The following handout is referred to as Handout 2 in the video clip on relationship-ready staff.

Handout 2 - Relationship-ready staff characteristics [by Redmond Reams]

  1. Have a balanced and realistic view of relationships including both positive & negative aspects
  2. Consistently think about other person’s feelings, wants, state of mind, etc. and take that into account in their actions without neglecting own interests
  3. Have a generally (but not rigid) positive approach to other people, to themselves, and to the world
  4. Value relationships and get satisfaction from how well relationships are going
  5. Assume relationships can survive negative feelings and tend to communicate about them rather than withdrawing
  6. See other people as a resource who can help them rather than as competitors, critics, or unavailable people
  7. Put effort into helping relationships work
  8. Thinking and talking about relationships is comfortable for them
  9. Reflect on and take responsibility for their own contributions to difficult situations

To watch the whole webinar, go to: Interviewing Strategies to Hire Relationship-Ready Staff Webinar D8: Management and Professional Development 17<sup>th</sup> Annual Virtual Birth to Three Institute

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