Supervisor's Handbook

Supervisor's Handbook

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As a supervisor in a Head Start home-based program, you play a pivotal role in the quality of the home visiting services your agency provides. You are a liaison between the agency and the home visiting staff. You support, teach, and advocate, and you are a role model for your home visitors. You attend to the needs and resources of families and how to best help them. You work with your agency’s administrators to ensure that adequate systems are in place to support the work of the home visitors. You plan, evaluate, and coordinate many facets of the home-based program.

Table of Contents Relevant Standard
Chapter 1: This Handbook Head Start Act, Head Start Performance Standards, ACYF-IM-HS-00-22
Chapter 2: Introduction
Chapter 3: Overview of the Home-Based Program Option Head Start Act, Head Start Performance Standards, 45 CFR 1306.33, ACYF-IM-HS-00-22, Head Start Act Section 645A, 45 CFR 1304
Chapter 4: Staff Selection 45 CFR 1304.52(e)
Chapter 5: Professional Development for Home Visitors 45 CFR 1304.52(1)(2), 45 CFR 1304.52(l)(3)(i)-(ii), Head Start Act Section 645A(i)(2)(A)-(G), 45 CFR 1304.52(k)(2), 45 CFR 1304.52(j)
Chapter 6: Reflective Supervision 45 CFR 1304.52(a)(1)
Chapter 7: Supervising Home Visits ACYF-IM-HS-00-22, Head Start Act Section 640(o), 45 CFR 1305.6(c), 45 CFR 1304.20(b)(1), 45 CFR 1304.3(a)(1)(i)-(ii)
Chapter 8: Supervising Socialization ACYF-IM-HS-00-22
Chapter 9: Supervisory Challenges
Chapter 10: Program Management and Continuous Improvement 45 CFR 1305.6(c), 45 CFR 1305.3, 45 CFR 1306.33(a)(5), 45 CFR 1304.52(g)(2), 45 CFR 1307.3(b)(1)-(2), 45 CFR 1304.51(i)(1)-(2)
Chapter 11: Nurturing Home Visitors

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