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Certification Resources

Section 1: Embracing Head Start

  • Head Start History
    Read an overview of the history of Head Start, including information about the Improving Head Start for School Readiness Act of 2007. Two videos provide additional historical background.

Section 2: What Is Head Start Program Governance?

Section 3: Legal Responsibilities

  • Program Governance: Glossary of Documents and Reports
    Explore brief descriptions of the key documents and reports that Head Start governing board members must regularly review as part of their oversight responsibility.
  • Governing Regulations and Documents
    Discover examples of regulations and documents at the federal, tribal, state, local, and organizational levels that impact Head Start governance. Note: This resource is under review.
  • Head Start and Other Federal Regulations
    This resource describes some of the federal laws and regulations that impact how Head Start programs are governed and managed. Note: This resource is under review.

Section 4: Fiscal Responsibilities

Extend Your Learning

Building Your Governance System

The Governing Body

  • Governance Readiness Assessment
    Use this resource to assess your organization’s capacity to oversee and monitor a Head Start program. Find out how it can be used to develop a Governance Readiness Plan.

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