Organizational Leadership

Head Start Governing Body and Tribal Council Certification: Accessibility Instructions


The recommended browser for screen readers is Internet Explorer.

Those using screen readers should navigate by pressing the Tab key. Most buttons can be selected by pressing Enter. Some interactions have customized keyboard shortcuts. Course narration can be turned off or on before beginning the course. However, we recommend you listen to the narration before attempting to navigate the on-screen material using the Tab key.

Keyboard Shortcuts

In some cases, interactions, buttons and rollover activities can be selected by pressing a number; for instance, 1 – 9. Instructions are given on the page itself in hidden text that will be read by a screen reader.

For all slides containing Next and Previous buttons:

  • Press Backspace to go to the previous slide
  • Press the equal sign (=) to go to the next slide

Control the video using keystrokes:

  • To play the video, press 1
  • To pause the video, press 2
  • To stop or restart the video, press 3

Text Version

Once you have completed the text version of the course, you can print out your certificate and fill it out.

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Last Updated: June 2, 2018