Instructions for the Federal Financial Report Attachment

This Federal Financial Report attachment is an example of the line item cash management activity for multiple grants. Grantees will find this template useful when completing line item cash management activity for their multiple grants.

See PDF version: Federal Financial Report Attachment

Line Item Instructions for the Federal Financial Report Attachment 
(To be completed if reporting on cash management activity for multiple grants.)

Box Number

Reporting Item


1 Federal Agency and Organizational Element to Which Report is Submitted Enter the name of the Federal agency and organizational element identified in the award document or otherwise instructed by the agency. (This information should be identical to that entered in Box 1, FFR.)
2 Recipient Organization Enter the name and complete address of the recipient organization including zip code. (Same information as entered in Box 3, FFR.)
3a DUNS Number Enter the recipient organization's Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number or Central Contract Registry extended DUNS number. (Same information as entered in Box 4a, FFR.)
3b EIN Enter the recipient organization's Employer Identification Number (EIN). (Same information as entered in Box 4b, FFR.)
4 Reporting Period End Date:(Month, Day, Year) Enter the ending date of the reporting period of this report. (Same information as entered in Box 9, FFR.)
5 Federal Grant Number Enter the grant number assigned to each award by the Federal agency.
Recipient Account Number Enter the account number or any other identifying number assigned by the recipient to each award. This number is for the recipient's use only and is not required by the Federal agency. 
Cumulative Federal Cash Disbursement Enter the cumulative amount of the Federal share of cash disbursed for each award. Cash disbursements are the sum of actual cash disbursements for direct charges for goods and services, the amount of indirect expenses charged to the award, and the amount of cash advances and payments made to subrecipients and contractors. 
Total Enter the total for the Cumulative Cash Disbursement. This column should equal the amount reported on Line 10b, FFR

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