Organizational Leadership

Maintaining Technology and Information Systems

Tools and Resources

Technology Organizational Assessment Worksheet

Use this worksheet to determine what kind of time and resources should you dedicate to technology planning. Assess your program’s overall use of technology.

What’s Involved in Technology Planning?

Effective technology planning can be an involved process. Explore the process in seven manageable phases.

Technology and Information Systems

Use these resources to learn more about how to select and manage appropriate technology and information systems. Find out about selecting hardware (computers) and software (e.g., Child Plus, PROMIS, Teaching Strategies Gold, etc.) that help you monitor your program’s progress.

Policies and Regulations

Maintains an automated accounting and record keeping system adequate for effective oversight, 45 CFR §1302.101(a)(iv)

Review this standard that requires programs to maintain an automated accounting and recordkeeping system.

Using data for continuous improvement, 45 CFR §1302.102(c)

This standard describes how a program should use data to identify program strengths and establish plans that address program needs.

Establishing procedures, 45 CFR §1303.20

Programs must put procedures into place that protect a child's personally identifiable information (PII). In this standard, find out how programs can implement them.

Maintaining records, 45 CFR §1303.24(b)

In this standard, learn about the importance of maintaining records. Find out how a child's PII should be disclosed and protected.

Program procedures – applicable confidentiality provisions, 45 CFR §1303.21

This standard describes applicable confidentiality provisions around PII.

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