Organizational Leadership

Program Governance in Head Start

Tools and Resources

Program Governance: Learning for New Leaders, Head Start A to Z

In this training module, explore the three key entities that make up Head Start program leadership. Learn more about the governing body/Tribal Council, the Policy Council, and management staff.

Head Start Program Governance Reference Book

In this training resource, learn more about Head Start program governance. Use this tool to help you unpack the governance-related regulations and responsibilities in the Head Start Act and the Head Start Program Performance Standards.

Governance, Leadership, and Oversight Capacity Screener and Certification

Programs can use this screener to identify where they need to make changes for quality improvement and capacity building in program governance. Once done, the programs can certify to the Office of Head Start that they have completed the screener.

Governance Readiness Assessment

Explore this Governance Readiness Assessment tool. Use it to help governing bodies assess their capacity to effectively oversee and monitor a Head Start program.

Amending Bylaws

Bylaws provide policy groups and governing bodies with a governing document. They establish a framework in which the policy group carries out its functions and operations. In this article, program directors, policy groups, and governing bodies can learn about the key steps to consider when amending bylaws.

Head Start Program Governance: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Head Start leaders who implement strong governance systems often face important questions. Use this resource to determine if Head Start regulations and policies exist that address the issues at hand.

Policies and Regulations

Program Governance, 45 CFR § 1301

This standard describes the legal and fiscal responsibilities governing bodies need to administer and oversee a Head Start or Early Head Start program.

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