Organizational Leadership

Program Governance Training

Head Start Program Governance Training

Building Skills of Head Start Leaders

Effective governance is an essential part of any successful Head Start or Early Head Start program.

This self-paced, interactive training module offers activities and life-like scenarios that governing body, Tribal Council, and Policy Council members can use to further develop their governance leadership skills.

In the Introduction, you’ll find out the focus of each activity. Select the activities that best match your interest, knowledge, and skills, or complete them in order. You can work through the activities at your own pace, or you may choose to review and discuss them during meetings and training events.

Each activity typically takes 40–60 minutes. If you are working as a group, it may take longer due to time spent on discussion and reflection.


Program Governance: Text Version contains the information found in the interactive training activities.

This product was prepared under Grant #90HC0006 for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, Office of Head Start, by the National Center on Program Management and Fiscal Operations.