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Overhead view of people seated around a table with a colorful chart in the middle.Explore an overview of the yearly self-assessment process and outcomes for new Head Start and Early Head Start leaders. During the five phases of the process, staff, leaders, parents, and partners take a look at the progress they have made towards their goals and objectives. They also compare data across content areas to address higher-level systemic issues. By asking pertinent probing questions, programs can determine if they are using their human and financial resources to achieve their goals. This session will help you recognize the importance of the self-assessment process. Learn to use a strength-based model to assess progress towards goals, objectives, and expected outcomes. The session also explains how to use the self-assessment report as a source of vital data for the planning process.

To get started, read the session description. It provides an outline of the entire session, detailed presenter notes, and suggestions for using the materials in the Activities and Handouts tab.

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Last Updated: July 16, 2018