Organizational Leadership

Technology Organizational Assessment Worksheet

Technology planning is a process that takes time and resources to understand what is appropriate for staff and the organization. Program directors and their management staff can use this worksheet to assess the overall status of their organization's use of technology.

This worksheet is designed to help you start thinking about the overall status of your organization's use of technology.

  1. What do you see as the most pressing needs for your organization that technology might address?
  2. Why/how do you think computers can help?
  3. If all computer systems were magically working and adequate tomorrow, what would change in the organization?
  4. Who at the agency has been involved in planning for technology staffing, training, and purchases?
  5. Who at the agency has been involved in day-to-day computer troubleshooting and maintenance tasks?
  6. Who will be involved in the implementation of new technology efforts?
  7. Are staff members able to use the technology that is crucial to their efficiency and to the tasks they need to accomplish?
  8. What type of training have staff members completed in the past? How useful was it?
  9. What type of financial resources does your organization have available for technology? Are you prepared to seek additional funding from other sources?
  10. What are the obstacles to your organization's effective use of technology?
  11. What is management's attitude and role in the organization with regards to technology?
  12. How would you assess your use of technology compared to other agencies with similar missions?
  13. Do you need better systems to streamline your operations, increase communication among staff, reach out to clients, cultivate your board, or communicate with your members?
  14. What role does the implementation of new technologies play in your strategy for the next five years? Do you need new technology in order to grow? Would new technology allow you to respond to new opportunities?