Organizational Leadership

Word Processing Software Assessment Worksheet

Technology planning is a process that takes time and resources to understand what is appropriate for staff and the organization. Program directors and their management staff can use this worksheet to assess their word processing software needs.

Use these questions to help you think through your word processing software needs.

  1. What kind(s) of word processing software does your organization use?
  2. What are the main types of documents that your organization creates with your word processing program?
  3. Does everyone on staff with a computer use word processing?
  4. Is everyone on staff able to create the documents they need to make?
  5. Do staff members need more training than they're getting in doing word processing?
  6. Are staff members able to use advanced features of word such as document templates, macros, or change tracking?
  7. Do your computers run the word processing software adequately?
  8. Does your organization need to upgrade to a newer version of your current program or even a different program? If so, what program do you need?
  9. How many computers will not be able to run the new software?