Head Start A to Z, 2.0

Foundation II: Leadership and Systems Thinking

Man facing progress displayed on a blackboard.Successful Head Start and Early Head Start directors and managers embrace their role as leaders who can make a positive impact in their program, organization, and community. Viewing Head Start and Early Head Start programs through a “systems lens” helps leaders develop a laser focus. It also encourages problem-solving and solution-building with an eye toward the long view. It can help answer important questions, such as how a particular solution might play out over the long run and what unintended consequences that solution might have. In systems thinking, you learn to ask the right questions and analyze the right data. In this training, participants learn about the key leadership role of Head Start and Early Head Start directors and managers and explore organizational change models and systems thinking.

To get started, open the session description and script below. It provides an overview of the entire session, a chart to customize training, detailed presenter notes, and suggestions for using the handouts and activities.

Session Description and Script

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