Head Start A to Z, 2.0

Recordkeeping and Reporting

Business conversation based on graphics and data.Recordkeeping is the process of recording activities, transactions, and events into an information management system. Reporting is the process of organizing records into topic-specific summaries that help us monitor our programs and tell us if we are achieving our goals. This module explores the relationship between these two linked processes. It underscores how accurate and complete records are the foundation of effective decision-making.

This module describes the many types of information collected and the role this information plays in Head Start programs. Learn about the entire lifespan of records, from preparing for information collection to analysis, maintenance, and disposition. Because of its fundamental importance, personally identifiable information (PII) requirements are discussed in detail.

Moving from recordkeeping to reporting, the module outlines the various reports all Head Start programs are required to create and submit. Explore ways to tailor those reports for specific audiences so they are both effective and compelling.

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