Organizational Leadership

Head Start Program Planning Cycle

Supporting Materials for the Head Start Program Planning Cycle:

  • Program Planning in Head Start: The Program Planning Cycle is a visual representation of a conceptual model of the planning process in Head Start and Early Head Start. The diagrams use arrows to illustrate the process and lead you from one step to the next. It also includes a list of the steps and a brief description of each. You may wish to print this and make notes while you view the video.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) provides detailed responses to each of the FAQs covered in the presentation. Learn how the cycle can affect service and school readiness goals.
  • Print the presentation slides and use them to make notes while you view the video.
  • PowerPoint Presentation for Training contains all of the slides and presenter notes. Trainers can use the resource to introduce the planning cycle to Head Start and Early Head Start staff.
  • Sample Action Plan outlines the goals, action steps, and data plans for improving attendance in a fictional Head Start/Early Head Start program.
  • Data in Head Start and Early Head Start is the interactive online learning module referenced in the presentation.

Last Updated: July 18, 2018