Organizational Leadership

What Is Leadership

This Management Matters presentation and the reflection questions that accompany it are designed to help directors, governing body and Policy Council members, managers, and staff members:

  • Consider ways that the function of leadership is different from other work you do
  • Identify opportunities to lead, regardless of the position you hold in your organization

Each of you has an important role to play. Each of you can have a significant impact on the future. 

Supporting Materials for What Is Leadership?:

  • Print the presentation slides and use them to make notes while you view the video.
  • Managing Is... Leading Is... provides an overview of some of the differences between management and leadership.
  • The Vision in Leadership: Fusion Leadership activity asks viewers to identify where they have spent the majority of their time between management and leadership roles over the past two weeks. You may wish to print this to use as you view the video.
  • After watching the video, use the leadership reflection questions to help you identify chances to lead and to apply key leadership concepts and principles to your life and work.

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Last Updated: December 3, 2019