Embedded Parenting Curricula for Group-based Delivery

Center-based early childhood programs may consider a parenting curriculum that is embedded within a larger program-wide approach. The approach may also include classroom curricula, family engagement activities, professional development for educators, and administrative support. In these situations, the parenting curriculum is one required element of a multi-component programming approach. Review this database to find details about the integrated parenting curriculum component of the larger multi-component programming.


The databases have been compiled to assist programs in reviewing and assessing parenting curricula relevant to the Head Start Program Performance Standards (HSPPS). The parenting curricula listed in these review databases have been pre-screened for relevance but are not endorsed by the Office of Head Start. The information contained in the databases is not an exhaustive list. View the full disclaimer.

Learn more about the review process used to examine each curriculum in the databases.

To find parenting curricula, sort the table by curriculum name and use the drop-down boxes to filter as needed. Scroll to the right to access links to the curriculum developer's website. To print or download the lists, right-click on the three dots to the right of "View Only" at the top of the database. Select "Export" and "Export to Microsoft Excel" to download an editable version of the database.


Database Key: Cost

$ = $499 or less
$$ = $500–$999
$$$ = $1,000–$1,499
$$$$ = $1,500–$1,999
$$$$$ = $2,000 or more