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Implementing Parenting Curricula

Implementing a parenting curriculum in your program is not an event, but an ongoing process. There are four stages of implementation:

  • Exploration
    • Assess needs
    • Examine fit and feasibility
    • Involve stakeholders
    • Define model
    • Make decision
  • Installation
    • New services not yet delivered
    • Develop implementation supports
    • Make necessary structural and instrumental changes
  • Initial Implementation
    • Service delivery initiated
    • Data used to drive decision-making and continuous improvement
    • Rapid-cycle problem-solving
  • Full Implementation
    • Skillful implementation
    • System and organizational changes established
    • Child and family outcome measurable

These stages are not linear. Programs may need to go back to a previous stage. This is key to continuously improving a program's process for implementing the chosen curriculum. It is important to note that successful implementation of a parenting curriculum, or Full Implementation, can take up to four years.

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Learn about the steps and best practices for selecting and implementing a parenting intervention with this easy-to-use tool for programs, states, and child care network leaders.

Implementing Parenting Interventions: A Guide

The guidebook is a companion to the Compendium of Parenting Interventions.

Last Updated: March 28, 2018