Parenting Curricula Review Databases

The Parenting Curricula Review Databases explore parenting curricula options for families in Head Start and Early Head Start programs. Find the latest information about research-based parenting curricula to help programs meet Head Start Program Performance Standard (HSPPS) Parent activities to promote child learning and development, 45 CFR §1302.51(b).

The databases are organized to match the decision-making checklist found in Choosing a Parenting Curriculum for Your Program. Programs should use the checklist when reviewing any curricula to assess how it aligns with program needs, requirements, and the HSPPS. Each column represents a criterion listed in the checklist.


The National Center on Parent, Family, and Community Engagement has compiled these databases to assist programs in reviewing and assessing parenting curricula relevant to the HSPPS. The parenting curricula listed in these review databases have been pre-screened for relevance but are not endorsed by the Office of Head Start. The information contained in the databases is not an exhaustive list. View the full disclaimer.

Learn more about the review process used to examine each curriculum in the databases.

Parenting Curricula for Group-Based Delivery

Explore these curricula to find a curriculum that can be delivered in a group setting.

Parenting Curricula for Home-Based Delivery

Review these curricula to find a program that can be delivered to parents one-on-one in their home environment. 

Parenting Curricula for Specific Groups of Parents

Check out curricula developed for specific types of parents, including mothers, fathers, and teen parents.

Embedded Parenting Curricula for Group-Based Delivery

Review this database to find details about the integrated parenting curriculum component of the larger multi-component programming.

Last Updated: December 27, 2019