Head Start Policy and Regulations

1302.103 Implementation of program performance standards.

(a) A current program as of November 7, 2016must implement a program-wide approach for the effective and timely implementation of the changes to the program performance standards, including the purchase of materials and allocation of staff time, as appropriate.

(b) A program’s approach to implement the changes included in parts 1301 through 1304 of this chapter must ensure adequate preparation for effective and timely service delivery to children and their families including, at a minimum, review of community assessment data to determine the most appropriate strategy for implementing required program changes, including assessing any changes in the number of children who can be served, as necessary, the purchase of and training on any curriculum, assessment, or other materials, as needed, assessment of program-wide professional development needs, assessment of staffing patterns, the development of coordinated approaches described in §1302.101(b), and the development of appropriate protections for data sharing; and children enrolled in the program n November 7, 2016 are not displaced during a program year and that children leaving Early Head Start or Head Start at the end of the program year following the publication of this rule as a result of any slot reductions received services described in §§1302.70 and 1302.72 to facilitate successful transitions to other programs.

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