Head Start Policy and Regulations

1302.32 Curricula.

(a) Curricula. (1) Center-based and family child care programs must implement developmentally appropriate research-based early childhood curricula, including additional curricular enhancements, as appropriate that:

(i) Are based on scientifically valid research and have standardized training procedures and curriculum materials to support implementation;

(ii) Are aligned with the Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework: Ages Birth to Five and, as appropriate, state early learning and development standards; and are sufficiently content-rich to promote measurable progress toward development and learning outlined in the Framework; and,

(iii) Have an organized developmental scope and sequence that include plans and materials for learning experiences based on developmental progressions and how children learn.

(2) A program must support staff to effectively implement curricula and at a minimum monitor curriculum implementation and fidelity, and provide support, feedback, and supervision for continuous improvement of its implementation through the system of training and professional development.

(b) Adaptation. A program that chooses to make significant adaptations to a curriculum or a curriculum enhancement described in paragraph (a)(1) to better meet the needs of one or more specific populations must use an external early childhood education curriculum or content area expert to develop such significant adaptations. A program must assess whether the adaptation adequately facilitates progress toward meeting school readiness goals, consistent with the process described in §1302.102(b) and (c). Programs are encouraged to partner with outside evaluators in assessing such adaptations.

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