Head Start Policy and Regulations

1302.34 Parent and family engagement in education and child development services.

(a) Purpose. Center-based and family child care programs must structure education and child development services to recognize parents’ roles as children’s lifelong educators, and to encourage parents to engage in their child’s education.

(b) Engaging parents and family members. A program must offer opportunities for parents and family members to be involved in the program’s education services and implement policies to ensure:

(1) The program’s settings are open to parents during all program hours;

(2) Teachers regularly communicate with parents to ensure they are well-informed about their child’s routines, activities, and behavior;

(3) Teachers hold parent conferences, as needed, but no less than two times per program year, to enhance the knowledge and understanding of both staff and parents of the child’s education and developmental progress and activities in the program;

(4) Parents have the opportunity to learn about and to provide feedback on selected curricula and instructional materials used in the program;

(5) Parents and family members have opportunities to volunteer in the class and during group activities;

(6) Teachers inform parents, about the purposes of and the results from screenings and assessments and discuss their child’s progress;

(7) Teachers, except those described in paragraph (b)(8) of this section, conduct at least two home visits per program year for each family, including one before the program year begins, if feasible, to engage the parents in the child’s learning and development, except that such visits may take place at a program site or another safe location that affords privacy at the parent’s request, or if a visit to the home presents significant safety hazards for staff; and,

(8) Teachers that serve migrant or seasonal families make every effort to conduct home visits to engage the family in the child’s learning and development.

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