Head Start Policy and Regulations

1302.62 Additional services for parents.

(a) Parents of all children with disabilities. (1) A program must collaborate with parents of children with disabilities, including but not limited to children eligible for services under IDEA, to ensure the needs of their children are being met, including support to help parents become advocates for services that meet their children’s needs and information and skills to help parents understand their child’s disability and how to best support the child’s development;

(2) A program must assist parents to access services and resources for their family, including securing adaptive equipment and devices and supports available through a child’s health insurance or other entities, creating linkages to family support programs, and helping parents establish eligibility for additional support programs, as needed and practicable.

(b) Parents of children eligible for services under IDEA. For parents of children eligible for services under IDEA, a program must also help parents:

(1) Understand the referral, evaluation, and service timelines required under IDEA;

(2) Actively participate in the eligibility process and IFSP or IEP development process with the local agency responsible for implementing IDEA, including by informing parents of their right to invite the program to participate in all meetings;

(3) Understand the purposes and results of evaluations and services provided under an IFSP or IEP; and,

(4) Ensure their children’s needs are accurately identified in, and addressed through, the IFSP or IEP.