Head Start Policy and Regulations

1303.42 Eligibility to purchase, construct, and renovate facilities.

(a) Preliminary eligibility. (1) Before a grantee can apply for funds to purchase, construct, or renovate a facility under §1303.44, it must establish that:

(i) The facility will be available to Indian tribes, or rural or other low-income communities;

(ii) The proposed purchase, construction or major renovation is within the grantee’s designated service area; and,

(iii) The proposed purchase, construction or major renovation is necessary because the lack of suitable facilities in the grantee’s service area will inhibit the operation of the program.

(2) If a program applies to construct a facility, that the construction of such facility is more cost-effective than the purchase of available facilities or renovation.

(b) Proving a lack of suitable facilities. To satisfy paragraph (a)(1)(iii) of this section, the grantee must have a written statement from an independent real estate professional familiar with the commercial real estate market in the grantee’s service area, that includes factors considered and supports how the real estate professional determined there are no other suitable facilities in the area.