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Part 1303—Financial and Administrative Requirements


1303.1 Overview.

Subpart A—Financial Requirements

1303.2 Purpose.

1303.3 Other requirements.

1303.4 Federal financial assistance, non-federal match, and waiver requirements.

1303.5 Limitations on development and administrative costs.

Subpart B—Administrative Requirements

1303.10 Purpose.

1303.11 Limitations and prohibitions.

1303.12 Insurance and bonding.

Subpart C—Protections for the Privacy of Child Records

1303.20 Establishing procedures.

1303.21 Program procedures – applicable confidentiality provisions

1303.22 Disclosures with, and without, parental consent.

1303.23 Parental rights.

1303.24 Maintaining records.

Subpart D—Delegation of Program Operations

1303.30 Grantee responsibility and accountability.

1303.31 Determining and establishing delegate agencies.

1303.32 Evaluations and corrective actions for delegate agencies.

1303.33 Termination of delegate agencies.

Subpart E—Facilities

1303.40 Purpose.

1303.41 Approval of previously purchased facilities.

1303.42 Eligibility to purchase, construct, and renovate facilities.

1303.43 Use of grant funds to pay fees.

1303.44 Applications to purchase, construct, and renovate facilities.

1303.45 Cost-comparison to purchase, construct, and renovate facilities.

1303.46 Recording and posting notices of federal interest.

1303.47 Contents of notices of federal interest.

1303.48 Grantee limitations on federal interest.

1303.49 Protection of federal interest in mortgage agreements.

1303.50 Third party leases and occupancy arrangements.

1303.51 Subordination of the federal interest.

1303.52 Insurance, bonding, and maintenance.

1303.53 Copies of documents.

1303.54 Record retention.

1303.55 Procurement procedures.

1303.56 Inspection of work.

Subpart F—Transportation

1303.70 Purpose.

1303.71 Vehicles.

1303.72 Vehicle operation.

1303.73 Trip routing.

1303.74 Safety procedures.

1303.75 Children with disabilities.


Authority: 42 U.S.C. 9801 et seq.


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Subchapter B—The Administration For Children And Families, Head Start Program