Substance Misuse During Pregnancy

Substance misuse can cause serious problems for both a pregnant woman and her baby. Home visitors are in a unique position to identify substance misuse among pregnant women. They can also connect expectant mothers to community resources, creating better health outcomes for the mother and her baby. Use this information to explore substance misuse among pregnant women. Learn talking points to use during a home visit, and find resources to support the expectant family. 

What to Know Before You Go: Substance Misuse Among Pregnant Women

Home visitors can review this resource before their home visits to increase their knowledge about substance misuse among pregnant women. 

During the Home Visit: Substance Misuse Among Pregnant Women

Use this resource to gather key messages, tips, and conversation starters for talking with expectant families about substance misuse during home visits. 

Resources for Addressing Substance Misuse During Pregnancy and Handouts for Families

Explore these handouts to supplement your knowledge about substance misuse among pregnant women. 

Addressing Substance Misuse Among Pregnant Women

This interactive activity will give home visitors a chance to walk through a home visit. Explore how to talk to an expectant family about substance misuse, including opioids.

Drugs and Pregnancy: Myth vs. Fact

Pregnancy can be an exciting time for expectant mothers. Knowing the facts about drugs and pregnancy can help expectant mothers take good care of themselves and give their babies a healthy start in life. Home visitors can use this infographic to guide expectant mothers through dispelling common myths.

Drugs and Pregnancy: What Families Should Know

Every family wants a healthy baby. Avoiding drugs during pregnancy can help keep mom and baby healthy and safe. Use this infographic to guide conversations with families through the effects of substance misuse during pregnancy. 

Opioids and Pregnancy: What Home Visitors Should Know

Substance misuse can be dangerous for pregnant women and their babies. Explore this infographic to learn about opioids and how they affect an expectant mother and her baby. 

Substance Misuse During Pregnancy: How to Talk with Families

Home visitors play a special role in ensuring the health and well-being of pregnant women and babies. Use this tip sheet to learn conversation starters and build trust with families. 


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Last Updated: January 22, 2020