Professional Development

Credentialing and Degree Programs Databases for Family Services Staff

Individuals who work in Head Start and Early Head Start programs and are interested in family services roles — such as family services worker, family services coordinator, and family services manager — can use these databases to find educational opportunities in their region. Each role has different qualifications and competency requirements, as outlined in the Staff Qualifications and Competency Requirements (45 CFR § 1302.91(d) and (e)(7)). 

Head Start and Early Head Start staff can explore these four databases to help identify programs of interest based on their prior educational experience and future goals. The programs offer credentials, certificates, and degrees to meet education requirements for family services staff in Early Head Start and Head Start programs.


The programs listed in these databases have been validated by regional accreditation boards and prescreened for relevance. They do not represent an exhaustive list of programs. Databases include universally available credentials and do not incorporate credentials developed by specific groups and/or tribal organizations. Users should not construe the programs included in these databases as an endorsement by the Office of Head Start. Users seeking professional development and educational opportunities are encouraged to research programs based on their own goals, interests, and needs before making a final decision.

Learn more about the screening process used to select the programs in the databases.