Professional Development

EarlyEdU Alliance Higher Education Learning Modules

These learning modules are highlights of higher education courses from the EarlyEdU Alliance. EarlyEdU follows an innovative competency- and practice-based framework. If you are familiar with the 15-minute In-service Suites, this approach will be familiar to you. These learning modules go a bit deeper than the In-service Suites and combine theory and the latest early childhood education research with students' field-based learning.

Trainers and instructors can use these five modules for professional development or higher education classes. When using the modules for professional development, trainers may also want to partner with their institutions of higher education to offer continuing education units (CEUs) for completion. Participants will learn about child development and effective teaching practices and watch relevant videos of classroom teachers interacting with children. They will also discuss and try out the practices and reflect on their own experiences.

The modules range from one-and-a-half to three hours long. Each includes a media-rich PowerPoint presentation, presenter notes, learning activities, and a resource list. Participants film and reflect on their own practices with video assignments.

The EarlyEdU Alliance, led by the University of Washington, works to increase access to affordable, relevant courses leading to college degrees that prepare early childhood teachers for success in the classroom. For more information, visit the EarlyEdU Alliance website or view the EarlyEdU Alliance webinar.