Professional Development

Leadership Institute Conference Presentations

The 2017 Office of Head Start Leadership Institute served as a chance for program leaders to learn from National Center staff, other experts, and peers. It also offered a venue to focus on strategies for meeting the Head Start Program Performance Standards in a way that ensures excellence in program implementation. These sessions address many components of quality that impact the work of program leaders.


Implementing Evidence-Based Practices to Support Inclusion: Resources and Strategies

Discover strategies to build the capacity of program leaders and directors to implement the Division for Early Childhood (DEC) Recommended Practices with their staff to support children with disabilities. The practices have the strongest evidence base for individualizing teaching and learning opportunities for all children. They are especially key in working with those at risk for, or diagnosed with disabilities. Using an Implementation Science Framework, this session identifies levers and stages for change, team roles and responsibilities, and data-based improvement cycles. Learn how to create an action agenda to support program staff to ensure that young children with disabilities experience high-quality inclusion.

Topic:Professional Development


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Audience: Directors and Managers

Last Updated: September 17, 2019