Practice-Based Coaching (PBC)

Practice-Based Coaching (PBC) is a professional development strategy that uses a cyclical process. This process supports teachers’ use of effective teaching practices that lead to positive outcomes for children. PBC occurs in the context of collaborative partnerships. View the videos below to learn more about PBC.


The Coaching Companion

A critical part of the Know, See, Do, Improve Framework is the "Do" that is sometimes difficult to measure without being side-by-side with a teacher or home visitor during their work with children and families. Early Educator Central provides the Coaching Companion to make it easier for teachers to "do." As part of professional development, teachers can record their teaching practices and share the videos with their administrators, coaches, trainers, and faculty, as appropriate. The observation tool may be used as part of training, coursework, communities of practice, or one-on-one reflective supervision.

What Is the Coaching Companion?

The Coaching Companion is a video sharing and coaching feedback app. Teachers, coaches, trainers, administrators, and faculty can share video files, ask questions, exchange feedback, and develop individualized coaching plans that support quality teaching and positive outcomes for young children. It helps coaches and teachers or peer-coaching teams work together, even between coach visits or at a distance.

Teachers and coaches can use the Coaching Companion to view the video library with examples of teaching practices. They can also share their own classroom video and track progress through the three major components of PBC: Shared Goals and Action Planning, Focused Observation, and Reflection and Feedback. PBC is a coaching model designed with Head Start programs in mind. However, its components align well with a variety of coaching models used across states and territories.

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