Professional Development

Professional Development-to-Go

Professional development requirements are included in both the Office of Child Care and the Office of Head Start regulations. OHS requires a minimum of 15 clock hours of professional development per year for all program staff members who support children’s growth and development. These experiences should be high-quality, sustained, intensive, and outcomes-focused. See Head Start Program Performance Standard (HSPPS) Training and professional development, 45 CFR § 1302.92, for more information.

Trainers, consultants, and professional development specialists in early childhood education programs are challenged to provide engaging and outcomes-focused training experiences. This selection of targeted resources can help meet your needs. All resources in the Professional Development-to-Go (PD-to-Go) section provide:

  • Intensive, ongoing, active learning experiences
  • Specific, practice-focused content
  • Self-assessment and feedback
  • Alignment with instructional goals, learning standards, and curriculum materials

Find ready-to-use resources for use with large audiences, small groups, and individuals. Self-instructional learning modules designed for individuals may also be used by a leader for small group learning experiences. The materials reflect evidence-based practices identified with the PD-to-Go Selection Criteria.