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Program Management

Program management is critical to providing high quality program services to all children and families served by early childhood programs. When all management systems work together, they inform and influence the quality of a program’s service delivery. When innovative leadership, strong management systems, and well-designed services are working together, quality child and family outcomes are the result. Explore the ready-to-use training resources below. There is also a section that includes resources for new leaders.

Program Management includes the following categories:

  • Program Governance
  • Leadership
  • Financial management
  • Data management
  • Self-Assessment
  • Learning for New Leaders

Program Governance

Discover what knowledge and skills are necessary to carry out different roles and responsibilities to fulfill the functions of program governance.


Head Start leaders face changes and challenges in delivering high-quality early education and services to young children and their families. Explore these resources to learn how to enhance leadership development in your program.

Financial Management

Fiscal Management ensures accountability for federal assets, compliance with regulations, and includes internal controls. Find resources on this page that provide a guide for programs to help them make the most of their financial resources.

Data Management

The Head Start Program Performance Standards require that programs establish procedures on data management. Learn how programs can use the data from ongoing assessment to address program needs, evaluate compliance, and achieve program goals.


Self-assessment focuses on the big-picture question, “Are we doing the right things?” Explore how self-assessment helps programs determine if they are doing everything they can to benefit the children and families they serve.

Learning for New Leaders

These resources are designed to address the unique needs of new Head Start and Early Head Start leaders.

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Last Updated: February 12, 2018