Professional Development

The Way Forward: Office of Head Start (OHS) Priorities

OHS will:

  1. Ensure that all programs have school readiness goals in the five essential domains for all children birth to five in all program options.
  2. Use assessment data to track progress on the goals overtime.
  3. Continue to implement a Designation Renewal System and a five year grant process that strengthens and supports comprehensive services, program management, governance and fiscal operations.
  4. Support all programs in meeting health and safety program performance standards.
  5. Implement a quality, responsive T/TA system.
  6. Strengthen the early childhood workforce birth to five.
  7. Support implementation of the PFCE Framework and effective family engagement in programs and communities.
  8. Support partnerships between HS/EHS, early care and education systems, schools and communities, to improve continuity for children and families across learning, health, and other community settings.

Topic:Professional Development


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Audience: Directors and Managers

Last Updated: January 28, 2019